Meta Mart

The work of public figures is publically representative but a public figure's life is their personal work. We are not objects. People are not welcome to or allowed to aggrandise or contact or command the use of our identity and subjective personal relating, as a form of socialised engineering. We are not at the liberty for use by other's for objectification. Do not abuse our associates. Do not abuse private citizens. Do not treat public figure's especially in their personal space like publically co-ordinated objects for social commanding of. We are against all those who would abuse others and especially our sanctity and security as depersonalised practical assaults.

I know I'm not for raping.

Making Munchausens abusing out of my life and self direction as social bullying is degrading and hurtful to all of us.

My life as having developed in tandem with any others as could be representational, is my own, conditioned by my lived context and conducted by my discretion, it is not made as for others to conduct it by their discretion or abuse the rights of self made relational by those, thats a violation of human rights and civil rights, and I have human rights and civil and political rights, and that does not include my being dismissed as property-ism or denied due process as my dues and is not the entitlement of abusers to derogate that as hypocrisy. The abuse of people who have reaped the benefits of being given entitlements and allowances, such as services their constant empowerment and legacy of entitlement and opportunities, as hypocrisy to abuse those in derision of my accesses and potentials, as were bought by my having to endure the relative work involved in those spaces, so as to take co-ordinative control and forced narrative for stolen equity in service of others and as trafficking ego-tism, is a form of abuse, which in an actual legal argument and not a fascist regime to force it, shows itself to be constructive of derogation and hypocrisy so as to make theft of those dues and be despotic as use of that as righteousness abusing of powers and empowerment.

This movie is a film that uses meta narrative to talk about the cultural impact and reflection of media in a cultural landscape by mirroring its use in the work as a representation. In it the representative protagonist is tortured by psychiatry practices to make him be considered invalid for his relative cultural identity. It ends up with that spilling into the effects of culture, and creating negative and torturing societal conditions. I am represented in this work, it has been acknowledged since I was a younger child and all through my schooling, and the friendships i made with other people with typecasts, and by general peoples all across vast landscapes of actual areas of populous and as relating across regions, by all those who wouldn't feel like rather being a shunner, that it is my relative position that I am reflected by it, and as such, the work i do in culture as relating media studies is reflective that the treatment of people with practices as relate with media as what is a part of culture and it's representatives, matters for the kind of society and culture as sociological practices and cultural robotics which are made to be considered regular and practice-able relationships for people.

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